From the Commentariate – Twisty unloads on O magazine

The urge to remain silent has been overwhelming lately.  I’ve only been writing comments at other blogs—which I suppose I could produce here with the linkage, but the urge to join the scrum is too strong most of the time. 

I’ve been reading I Blame the Patriarchy regularly.  I posted over there earlier this evening—you might want to try this at home yourself, but more importantly go over to this entry and read it!

Twisty, I bow down! This is one of the funniest pieces of
blogvective I’ve read in a long time. I can’t follow up with anything
more in the way of commentary.

I can relate one Women’s Magazine exercise that my brother and I
invented about 30 years ago—a kind of mimetic deconstruction of some
of the images of female models. It’s simple—rather than, say, trying
to "not talk to him during football season" or "bring him the
powerdrill" (to fix a leaking showerhead?), try to assume the exact
posture of any female model in a full page ad.

Our findings, based on experimentation with our mother’s copies of
Vague, were that a large number of seemingly natural postures were in
fact alarmingly contorted when you try them yourself. Further, they
were contorted in ways that seemed to embody non-verbal but
nevertheless quite specifically twisted self-images.

But the exercise does help to depower the glossy images…

Another blog to avoid at work—I can’t always explain why I’m laughing so hard…

UPDATE: Twisty strikes the ad world again—the Walter Benjamin of the Blogworld!


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