Right, To, Life

I’ve been working in Israel for the last two weeks, for really long hours, so I’ve had to store up a number of blogs to come, including some reflections on what is now the "old" Yad Vashem, replaced by a spanking new museum (its Israel’s Holocaust museum); some thoughts about oppression, the oppressed, and fascism in their midst; and where some of my friends on the American Left are on or off track about Israel.

But meanwhile, having finally gotten a bit of time to dip into my favorite blogs, I can see that l’affair Schiavo is burning the wires.  I feel real kinship in view with Rude Pundit, Oliver Willis, DCMediaGirl, but I’d like to suggest a couple of points to keep in mind as this theatre of the absurd continues to unroll.

One, the salient point amidst all the congressional blather and bullshit is that 70% of the citizens think Congress is outta line, and almost as many that (think about the imputed cynicism of this) their keeping Schiavo alive is just politics:

Meantime, 70% of Americans say
Congress’s action was inappropriate and 67% thought the elected
officials were trying to keep Schiavo alive were doing so more for
political advantage than out of concern for her or the principles
involved, according to a poll conducted for ABC News. The poll was
conducted by telephone on March 20, among a random national sample of
501 adults. The results have a 4.5-point error margin. The sampling,
data collection and tabulation were done by TNS Intersearch of Horsham,

Summary: something is damaging Congressional brains (as well) but doesn’t seem to be affecting Americans too much (especially considering the single-minded fanaticism of the Right’s messaging on this case).

Two, the avatars of life until the bitter end, including the unspeakably hypocritical DeLay and the unhypocratical Frist, will be hoisted on their own petards, and sooner rather than later.  The hysteria of their moment here masks a deeper vacuum of issues, starting with the the black hole that is the Bushrover’s current social security initiative. 

I don’t mean to be mindlessly optimistic.  But guys, this case won’t destroy the constitution.  Do you think judges across the country are pleased to see 17 courts (perhaps 18 by Monday) flipped a massive bird by mere congresspunks?  These people have serious egos too, and a lot of them don’t need to be reelected.  I sympathize with the utter disgust of close observers—the torrent of bullshit from the right is truly amazing.  But this too shall pass—unlike DeLay’s ethics problems, and Iraq, and private accounts, and the deficit, and high medical costs (I guess except in extreme cases in Florida)…

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