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07bolton_5Standing to the (our) right of Condi, as he does in fact, is J.R. Bolton, W’s pick for new UN ambassador.   He follows in a line of appropriate choices for this post by the BushRovers, including the peripatetic John Negroponte, now designee for intelligence czar.

Recently returned from a brief stint as ambassador to Iraq, Negroponte is well known for somehow not noticing the overactive government- and CIA-supported deathsquads in Honduras when he was there in the early 80’s.  From a Scott Shane piece in the NYT about Negroponte’s most recent nomination:

Jack R. Binns, who preceded Mr. Negroponte as ambassador to
Honduras, said he opposed the confirmation because he believed that Mr.
Negroponte had misled Congress in past testimony and because he might
slant intelligence to suit administration policies.

"Based on his
performance in Honduras, there’s that possibility," said Mr. Binns, who
was ambassador from 1980 to 1991 and is now retired and living in

Just as Negroponte at the UN could support the world’s hope that an American-controlled Abu Graib would never again be a place of savage torture, so I guess Bolton will reassure the world that W is truly interested in multilateral diplomacy.

His appointment surely indicates that the conflict in the Bush League between the Right Wing and the Far Right Wing is continuing.  A Reuters story by Carol Giacomo, with a 6 January dateline this year, stated that Bolton,

a leading hard-liner on nuclear nonproliferation who has raised
hackles among America’s allies as well as its adversaries, is
expected to quit the Bush administration, sources said on

His departure may signal a shift in U.S. diplomacy to a
less confrontational approach as President Bush begins a second
term in which he has pledged to reach out to allies estranged
by the Iraq War and other policies.

Bolton, an outspoken and controversial policymaker, often
provoked strong negative reactions from European allies and was
identified more with the sticks than the carrots of U.S.
diplomacy when dealing with countries like North Korea and
Iran.  He had hoped for a promotion in Bush’s second term, perhaps
to deputy secretary of state, but the word went out that U.S.
Trade Representative Robert Zoellick would get the No. 2 spot
under Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state designate.

"My understanding is that Mr. Bolton will move to the
private sector," said one source, a friend who spoke on
condition of anonymity.

The perfidity of Bolton from the left wing point of view is fully detailed in a COHA press release, picked up via Scoop (which is an interesting media outlet in its own right), headed "John Bolton’s appointment would destroy State Department credibility".  You might find it interesting to read this analysis as it touches on Bolton’s rejection of the International Criminal Court (ICC), along side his own analysis of the ICC, from a speech in 2002.  Right, left or center, it is clear that Bolton is not what you would call diplomatic.

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